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Optimus Heaters

The optimus portable heater model h-4110 9x13 tested and works wsafety shut off is a great option for sure. This? s portable heater can be used for a wide range of purposes, from cooking to cooling. It? s easy to use and can be plugged into the network, so you can be sure it? s protected.

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The optimus heaters are perfect for your garage! They are portable, easy to use, and perfect for selling off during the winter months. With its digital temperature readout and infrared light, the optimus heaters are perfect for keeping your garage organized and comfortablity high.
the optimus heaters are perfect for small spaces! They're tiny and take up little space, making them perfect for busy places where heat is important. They have a built-in thermometer and temperature alarm, so you can track the temperature, and they're also self-powered, so you don't have to worry about batteries. They can be connected to the fan and then used to warmth up the area around the fan or else keep the fan running for short periods of time. The heaters come with a thermostat that sets a set temperature and allows the fan to run for a longer period of time.